ASN Active Directory Manager Active Directory Reporting and Bulk Management with multi-domain support

ASN Active Directory Manager

ASN Active Directory Manager is a comprehensive tool for managing Windows Active Directory and Exchange server. The tool supports Reporting (including exchange server reports) and Bulk Management for multiple domains in a single installation. Bulk objects creation, modification,advanced restore, enable/disable, reset, unlock, thumbnail image edit and more features . Reports can be saved as XLS, PDF, CSV, HTML and MSWORD files.

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Active Directory Reporting Tool 11.12.01: Manage and control your organizational units with Active Directory tool

Active Directory Reporting Tool 11.12.01

tool enables the admin to look after all the organizational units around the network. The admin can also glance through various levels of directory and view their contents. Using this tool, one can easily view and edit all AD attributes of an object that is defined in AD schema. It is available with an added feature of Exchange management functionality that enables the admin to create mailbox in domain Exchange Server, view the properties of any

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AD Admin & Reporting Tool 4.0: Admin & Reporting Tool for Active Directory

AD Admin & Reporting Tool 4.0

tool for the help desk personals or administrators to enable/disable accounts, reset user password etc. AD Admin & Reporting tool provide administrators and developers with both LDAP and Active Directory view of the directory (To view the Active Directory attribute names just select `properties` from right click context menu). AD Admin & Reporting Tool Features: 1. Easy Active Directory Management and Administration 2. Over 200 Out of the box reports

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AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter Active Directory and Exchange Reporting tool with multi-domain capabilty support

AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter

AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter is a simple and effective active directory reporting tool. With the reports provided by the tool, Administrators are able to keep their active directory environment clean and secure. The report generation is very progressive. Security reports and NTFS reports sections provides the very important security information of the active directory objects and file server shares. The reports can be exported and scheduled

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ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus 4.0: Web-based Microsoft Exchange Server Reporting and Email Traffic Tracking Tool.

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus 4.0

Exchange setup. In other terms, Exchange Reporter Plus is an encapsulation of all the "analysis and supervision" required on behalf of an Exchange administrator to manage his email communication infrastructure efficiently! With this Microsoft Exchange Report solution, an administrator can perform the following Exchange administrative activities: Exchange Resource Capacity Planning with "Mailbox Size Reports", "Storage Reports", and "Store Growth

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Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf 2014.3: Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf is a reporting tool that is developed for WPF.

Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf 2014.3

Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf is a reporting tool that is developed for Windows Presentation Foundation. Rich capabilities of rendering, viewing, printing and exporting reports - it`s all about Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf. The product uses the reports engine for creating reports which is based on the many years experience of developing and using reporting tools. Great many components, properties and parameters, thought over the structure of reports.

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Lepide Exchange Reporter 12.12.01: Get reports over Exchange usage, users, mailbox data, space and compliance needs

Lepide Exchange Reporter 12.12.01

Exchange Server reporter also allows system administrator to export generated reports to specific recipients. It is a versatile Exchange Reporting solution to track and monitor several Exchange Servers simultaneously. Exchange administrators can effectively implement existing security norms on mail servers by using Lepide Exchange Reporter. Exchange Server reporter is available in free version that provides insights of software features. Organizations

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Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Flex 2014.3: Report Generator for Adobe Flex

Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Flex 2014.3

Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Flex is a cross-platform reporting tool, designed for using it in Rich Internet Applications. When creating this reporting tool we used one of the most advanced technologies for the development of business applications for the Internet - Adobe Flex. We tried to give developers and users the most flexible tool for creation and subsequent use of reports for the Internet.

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Exchange Reporter 13.05.01: Exchange reporter to assess the effectiveness of a MS Exchange network

Exchange Reporter 13.05.01

Exchange Reporter is a proficient monitoring and reporting tool that can effectively track one or multiple Exchange domains of a business organization. Exchange reporter collects information of an Exchange organization from Exchange information store. It extracts information about the mailbox usage, mailbox size, size of the individual mailbox folders, email traffic in the individual mailbox and other details pertaining to an MS Exchange network.

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Reportizer Reportizer is a band oriented database reporting tool


Reportizer is a band oriented database reporting tool. It allows easy creating, modifying, and printing database reports from different types of databases connected by ADO, BDE, or Interbase. Report generator of Reportizer supports expressions, grouping, calculating fields, displaying images etc. Reports can be exported to HTML, XLS, TXT, or STT (static report) file. In addition to database reports, Reportizer can print list of files from selected folder(s).

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